Cartoon in Memory of Eddie Money and Ric Ocasek

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In Memory of Eddie Money and Ric Ocasek

It was a sad week in the world of Music and Pop Culture. We lost 2 musical icons in the past week: Eddie Money and Ric Ocasek.

Eddie Money, known for his hits such as 2 Tickets To Paradise, Take Me Home Tonight, Baby Hold On, and more passed away on September 13, 2019 at the age of 70.

Chris Ocasek, lead singer of the cars known for their hits such as Drive, Shake It Up, Let’s Go and others, passed away on September 15, 2019.

The world is a better place because they shared their hearts with us through their songwriting and talent. We are glad that their music played a vital part in the “soundtrack” of our lives and the lives of many others.

Our hearts are definitely with their families and fans as they work through the pain.

You may ask yourself, “Why would a CBD site be writing about Eddie Money, Ric Ocasek, and the idea of music therapy?”

There are a couple of reasons really. First of all we are music lovers and we are fans of the music that both of these artists shared with the world. Secondly, music can be and is therapeutic. At the end of the day, whether you choose to relax with music, exercise, or CBD we are all trying to find balance in our lives and maintain our health and wellbeing.

Music Is A Powerful Force

It has been used to lead soldiers into battle. Music has shaped history. Some would even say musical is a spiritual force as you can’t see it or weigh it. It has been used as a vehicle of worship for many religions. And some claim music has changed and saved their lives.

Music Therapy Is A Positive Healing Force

We all remember being teenagers, cruising with our friends in the car with the windows rolled down and jamming to our favorite tunes.

We sang with abandon when our favorite songs came on. Some of us even sang the wrong words with everything we had in us. Heck, some of us still do this even as adults. It was liberating. It set our souls free and made us happy.

When certain songs come on we can remember where we were, what we were doing and who we were with the first time we ever heard that song. Some songs bring back memories of family and friends. Some songs bring back memories of lost love. Remember the song you and that special person had that was your song? Do you remember how you sat in your room and cried while listening to “your” song?

For some of us, these songs were were by Ric Ocasek’s band The Cars or Eddie Money. Some of us may be younger, but we can still relate to the release music can gives us.

Music just seems to be everywhere and represent so much in our lives. We didn’t know we were using music as therapy. We thought we were having fun letting it wash over us in times of celebration. We listened to certain songs to help us get over our anger or sadness. In the end, we were looking for something we could believe in. Something bigger than us that could transport us to a new place and a new frame of mind.

Music is expressive. There are many people who are going through evidence based music therapy who cannot express themselves with words. They have found that they can express themselves, who they are, and how they feel through music. Music has the power to heal and people are using it to heal and soothe themselves every day.

No matter what your association is with music, we would love to encourage you to reach for some music the next time your day gets frustrated with stress, anxiety, sadness, or even if your day has good news and you just want to celebrate. As long as we can hear, music will always be there for us in our moments of need.

Do you have a favorite memory associated with The Cars or Eddie Money? Do you have a favorite memory associated with music in general?

Let us know on Facebook.

In honor of Eddie Money and Ric Ocasek we leave you with the following videos to celebrate their lives, their music, and the beautiful moments of music therapy they brought into our world.

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